PAN-AMPK activator O304

Our clinical focus is on the development O304, a first-in-class PAN-AMPK activator that is orally available and exhibits favorable pre-clinical pharmacology and toxicology profiles. O304 was safe and well tolerated in a phase I and in a 28 day exploratory phase IIa clinical study in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D) on metformin. In T2D patients, O304 reduced fasting plasma glucose and HOMA-IR. O304 also improved peripheral microvascular perfusion, lowered blood pressure and reduced eGFR by a rapid, stable and reversible hemodynamic effect in T2D patients and in obese non-diabetic subjects.

Thus, O304 is ideally suited to target diabetic kidney disease in obese T2D patients, and chronic kidney disease in non-diabetic hyperinsulinemic individuals with central obesity.